17-20 May 2015
SDSM&T Electrical Engineering and Physics Building
US/Mountain timezone
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Status and first data of the EDELWEISS-III experiment
The EDELWEISS-III collaboration is operating an experiment for the direct detection of Weakly Interacting Massive Particle (WIMPs) dark matter in the low radioactivity environment of the Modane Underground Laboratory.
It consists of 36 advanced FID germanium detectors operating at 18 mK in a dilution refrigerator in order to identify eventual rare nuclear recoils induced by elastic scatter- ing of WIMPs from our Galactic halo.
The current EDELWEISS-III program, including improvements of the background, data- acquisition and the current installation will be detailed. I will discuss the electromagnetic background and the methods of rejecting it with the FID detectors. Detector performances and a first analysis of data acquired in a long-term campaign will be presented as well. The FID detector technology is not limited to EDELWEISS-III but can be further employed in the next generation of cryogenic detector experiments.
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Id: 71
Place: SDSM&T Electrical Engineering and Physics Building
Room: Room 252
Starting date:
19-May-2015   14:32 (US/Mountain)
Duration: 16'
Presenters: Dr. SCORZA, Silvia
Material: slide Slides
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